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How Do You Doula?

National End-of-Life Doula Alliance

Mar 4, 2023

How Do You Doula?

B. Rosa Dominguez Horsley is a licensed practical nurse and co-founder of The Nursing Post, LLC., where the focus is on patient care. advocacy, and education. Rosa received an Associate's Degree in Arts and Science with a major in Education in 2002. After changing career course, she went on to complete and receive her license in Practical Nursing in 2009. Upon advancing her education in geriatrics in 2021, she became a Certified Dementia Pracititioner. In 2022, after working as a nurse for over 13 years and during the height of the pandemic, she studied and obtained a Death Doula certificate. Rosa is passionate about normalizing difficult conversations in order to help provide grace near the end of life.

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